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Executive Outcomes (EO) is an apolitical South African-based and African-staffed company that gained international recognition for assisting and advising African governments contain and combat armed threats to their sovereignty—decisively and effectively.

The company has an unequalled and proven track record across Africa and beyond, and has assisted, trained, mentored, and led numerous African and other government forces to success.

Executive Outcomes Founder and Chairman―Eeben Barlow―served as a lieutenant-colonel in the pre-1994 South African Defence Force (SADF) in conventional, clandestine, and covert units. He developed and presented the covert operations training programme to the SADF Special Forces. He has worked in South America, the Far East and Africa training and mentoring national armies and assisting law enforcement agencies and intelligence services develop National Security Strategies, and military campaign strategies.

He holds the rank of Major General in several African armed forces, where he is respected by both friend and foe alike.

He is the author of the best-selling books ‘Executive Outcomes: Against all Odds’, ‘Composite Warfare: The Conduct of Successful Ground Force Operations in Africa’, and ‘The War for Africa: Conflict, Crime, Corruption and Foreign Interests’.

‘Composite Warfare’ presents African politicians, academics, soldiers, and scholars with a true African 'Art of War'. He was a contributing editor to the Counter Terrorist magazine.

His latest book ‘The War for Africa: Conflict, Crime, Corruption and Foreign Interests’ gives valuable personal insights into the undeclared and often invisible conflicts and wars across Africa.

Who We Are

Despite many attempts across the globe to imitate Executive Outcomes, we are the original company with an unmatched record of success in Africa and beyond.

Having seen through the fog of mass media deception, several African governments called for Executive Outcomes (EO) to be reactivated with the aim of again assisting, supporting, and serving African security forces with dedication and professionalism.

The company remains an apolitical South African-based and African-staffed company that provides successful African solutions to African problems. The company’s approach is focussed on assessing, strengthening, supporting, and expanding the Intelligence, Law Enforcement and Armed Forces Pillars and may include the development of strategies, force design and training, doctrine development, mentoring, and so forth.

Known for its holistic and multi-dimensional Composite Warfare approaches, Executive Outcomes provides governments with numerous unique strategic, operational, and tactical services aimed at countering, containing and/or neutralising threats to State.

Sound advice, assistance, and support at securing the Pillars of State are based on the proven foundations of Composite Warfare and are applicable to all levels of Intelligence, Law Enforcement and Armed Forces operations. This includes advice, support, and services such as:

  • The development of strategies
  • Doctrine development
  • Training and Operations
  • Force development, and more.
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Strategic Alliances

In a complex, hostile and often volatile world frequently characterised by conflict and clashes of interests and information, strategic alliances are critical to ensure all possible assets and resources are leveraged and exploited to secure a nation’s Pillars of State. The integrity and stability of the State, therefore, remains the focal point of all Executive Outcomes projects.

To guarantee professional support to African governments, across numerous conflict, informational, and political dimensions, Executive Outcomes has forged strategic alliances with:

  • OPS Med Personnel Supply Company is an independent South African-based company that provides both governments and the private sector with internationally-qualified Healthcare Professionals. The company also trains medical staff for client security forces to provide frontline medical support in hostile areas of operations. For more information, visit:
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Believing (and having proven) that only Africans can solve Africa’s problems, Executive Outcomes (EO) advises, assists, supports, and mentors national armed forces at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels.

The company presents selected governments with a variety of highly specialised services.

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Development of Strategies

The strategic Ends of a government is the creation of an environment of sustainable peace, stability, and economic growth, progress, and prosperity. This noble Ends is frequently interrupted by conflict, thus hampering, disrupting, and/or delaying the government’s trajectory and strategic vision.

Executive Outcomes assists under-threat governments with:

  • Assistance and support with the development of National Strategies
  • Assistance and support with the development of National Security Strategies
  • Assistance and support with the development of National Military Strategies
  • Assistance and support with the development of Military Campaign Strategies
  • Advice on securing the Pillars of State, and so forth.

Doctrine Development

It is no secret that many African armed forces utilise inherited foreign doctrines, slightly modified, that emanate from World War II.

As doctrine is both terrain and threat dependent, many of the continent’s doctrines are not suited for either the African Operating Environment or the Area of Operations. This has disadvantaged government forces in combatting insurgencies, terrorism, and other forms of armed conflict.

Drawing on the approach of Composite Warfare, Executive Outcomes has assisted several African armed forces develop adaptable, flexible, and conflict-specific doctrines.

This unique approach enables the armed forces to rapidly attain their strategic goals and objectives.

Training and Operations

Executive Outcomes does not present window-dressing training—nor does it assume that there is a single template on how to contain or counter armed threats to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the State.

Drawing on several decades of highly successful battle-proven experience, Executive Outcomes adheres to the adage: ‘Train hard, fight easy’.

Training programmes are developed around the concept of Composite Warfare, and includes the following considerations related to the strategic and operational levels of warfare:

  • Military Operations related to War
  • Military Operations other than War
  • Offensive Intelligence Operations
  • Informational Warfare Operations.

These operations may include:

  • High-tempo horizontal and vertical manoeuvre during both conventional and unconventional operations
  • Jungle warfare
  • Mountain warfare
  • Desert warfare
  • Air assault operations
  • Counter-terrorist operations
  • Seaborne operations
  • Riverine operations
  • Clandestine operations
  • Intelligence operations, and so forth.

Force Design

Force design, along with force restructuring, integration, and readiness are critical components to securing a state’s territorial integrity along with the stability of the Pillars of State.

Executive Outcomes (EO) has designed, restructured, and readied several highly successful Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Military (combat and combat support) units for African security forces making them more agile, adaptable, flexible, effective, efficient—and victorious.

As ‘structure follows strategy’, EO’s approach is to align the force structure with the National Security Strategy, the Operating Environment, the Area of Operations, the campaign strategy, and the threat, thereby making the unpacking of the campaign strategy less costly, more effective, and in line with the government’s strategic objectives.

Typically, elements within the intelligence and law enforcement forces are restructured, retrained, and re-equipped as specialist intelligence and law enforcement units covering the ambit of counter-narcotics, counter-arms trafficking, counter-terrorism, counter-human trafficking, and so forth.

Military forces are restructured, retrained, and re-equipped as Composite Warfare Battle Groups, Combat Teams, Special Operations Groups, Mobile Strike Forces, and so forth. These unique force designs have proven their worth in numerous African conflicts and made the deployment of forces more agile, rapid, and effective.

Incorporated into larger units such as Battle Groups and Combat Teams, are structured Pillar Support Groups—groups that ensure that the government’s domestic policies are adhered to, developed, and monitored. The Pillar Support Groups provide early warning of popular dissent resulting from inconsistent governance—itself a driver for civil conflict and uprisings. The Pillar Support Groups also provide vital feedback insofar as the prevailing social environment and government programmes are concerned, thereby increasing popular support for any armed force intervention.

Executive Outcomes will, on request of governments, provide command and control elements as well as mentor these forces during operations.

EO Precision

EO Precision is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Executive Outcomes.

With support from its strategic partners, EO Precision oversees the manufacture, testing, and supply of a range of weapons to approved governments. These weapons cover numerous calibres such as 9 x19mm; .45 ACP; 5. 56 x 45 mm (NATO) 7. 62 x 39mm (East Bloc); 7. 62 x 51 mm (NATO); and 12. 7mm and 14,5mm sniper rifles.

EO Precision also oversees weapon refurbishment and modernisation programmes for selected governments, thereby saving governments and their armed forces millions of Dollars.

Such refurbishment programmes have included 5. 45 x 39mm (East Bloc); 5. 56 x 45 mm (NATO); 7. 62 x 25mm (East Bloc); 7. 62 x 39mm (East Bloc); 7. 62 x 51mm (NATO); 7. 62 x 54 mm (East Bloc) rifles and machine guns, RPG-7 launchers; B-10 and B-11 Recoilless Rifles; 14,5mm and 23mm anti-aircraft guns, and so forth.

EO Land Systems

Coming Soon

EO Equipment

Executive Outcomes is not an equipment supplier, despite its input and support to its strategic partners.

EO recognises that many African armed forces overpay for even basic equipment, costing governments millions of Dollars.

When advising governments on the types of equipment required—from uniforms and boots to weapon systems—EO will advise the government and armed forces on where the equipment can best be sourced, at competitive prices. This transparent approach has saved governments large sums of money.

On request of the government or armed forces, EO will identify specific equipment manufacturers and oversee and monitor the delivery of the purchased equipment.

EO Learning

Executive Outcomes understands that further education for African officers and NCOs alike is an important element for both career development and operational understanding.

However, not every officer and/or NCO can travel abroad to receive foreign training. It is also increasingly costly and time consuming for African armed forces to send officers and NCOs to foreign countries for advanced military study programmes.

A dedicated, Africa-centric, online military study programme is currently being codeveloped by EO and several African and other academics to provide sound, relevant and topical theoretical instruction to African officers and NCOs.

The programme will be open to intelligence, law enforcement and military personnel, along with diplomatic staff and African scholars.

Once the programme and its content has been finalised, more information will be made available.


Executive Outcomes’ chairman has contributed to numerous academic book chapters and papers related to African conflicts and wars, the causes thereof, ungoverned spaces, terrorism, the develop of doctrine, the impact of governance, force development, and more.

He partakes in other related academic activities such as domestic and foreign conferences and seminars where he is frequently called on to deliver lectures on conflicts and wars in Africa, strategy and doctrine development, force projection, and more. He regularly lectures at domestic and foreign universities on conflict and its drivers in Africa.

He has written three books which are currently in use by numerous defence colleges and universities:

  • Executive Outcomes: Against all Odds
  • Composite Warfare: The Conduct of Successful Ground Force Operations in Africa
  • The War for Africa: Conflict, Crime, Corruption and Foreign interests.

These books can be ordered from

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